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About Us

Discover who we are at Smith's Excavating & Beyond, your go-to excavating contractor in Sadieville, KY, and the surrounding areas. Learn why both residential and commercial clients trust us for their excavation and land development needs.

Who We Are

Your Trusted Partner for Excavating Services in Sadieville, KY, and the Surrounding Areas

Welcome to Smith’s Excavating & Beyond! We bring over 25 years of experience to both residential and commercial projects in Sadieville, KY. Unlike many competitors who make promises they can’t keep, we pride ourselves on transparency and integrity. The price we quote is the price you’ll see on your final bill—no surprises.

Our services range from septic systems and excavation & grading to land clearing & mulching, driveways, basements & utilities, and demolition. We’re not just any excavating contractor; we’re your one-stop solution for all your land development needs. Whether you’re planning a new home construction or a commercial development, we’ve got you covered.

Why choose us? It’s simple. We offer unparalleled expertise, reliable services, and a commitment to customer satisfaction that sets us apart from the rest. Our team is skilled, experienced, and ready to tackle any project you have in mind. So, if you’re in Sadieville or the surrounding areas, look no further. Smith’s Excavating & Beyond is your trusted partner for all things excavation and beyond.

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Our Full Range of Services

Septic Systems

Septic issues can disrupt your life. That's why we offer expert septic tank services that guarantee a smooth, functional system. Our range of services includes complete installations, repairs, and residential replacements. With us, you're choosing quality and reliability for all your septic needs.


Whether it's an old barn or a single-family home, demolition needs to be done right. As experienced demolition contractors, we offer safe and efficient services. Our team handles everything from small demolitions to more extensive projects. With us, you can trust that the job will be completed safely and professionally.

Excavation & Grading

Excavation and grading are crucial for any construction project. We provide top-notch excavation services to prep your land perfectly. From smoothing areas to creating slopes for water redirection, we handle it all. Count on us to dig trenches for utilities and remove excess soil efficiently.

Land Clearing & Mulching

Got plans that trees and brush are blocking? We offer professional land clearing services to pave the way for your dream projects. Our team cuts down trees, removes stumps, and clears out thick brush. Plus, we can even turn all that debris into mulch for you.


A driveway is more than just a path; it's a welcome mat for your home. That's why our driveway contractors prioritize quality construction for new homes. We handle everything from the initial groundwork to the final surface. With us, you get a durable, well-constructed driveway that stands the test of time.

Basements & Utilities

Your foundation and basement need to be solid, literally. Specializing in concrete flatwork, we install strong foundations and effective basement drainage channels. Our team is skilled in footers and flat concrete work, ensuring a stable base for your structure. Choose us for your basement and utility projects to ensure longevity and quality.